[NEW] Triple A Body Lotion - 200ml

Protect and repair sensitive skin from the elements with this 100% natural, antioxidant-rich body lotion


Suitable For

Sensitive / Mature Skin

Benefits Of Using

Protects the skin against pollution and premature ageing | Brightens uneven skin tone | Softens, soothes and deeply hydrates.

What to Expect

A silky-smooth body lotion contained in a luxury, pump-dispensing bottle.
Texture: Lotion
Consistency: Lightweight
Scent: Natural
Note: Due to formulation improvements, the colour, texture, scent and appearance may vary.

Use within 12 months once opened, or keep it unopened for up to two years.


We tend to neglect the skin on our bodies, but many parts are exposed to UV rays and pollution that cause inflammation and premature ageing.

This nutritive body lotion from our Master Antioxidant Range is carefully formulated with our signature blend of Glutathione and anti-ageing antioxidants to neutralise cell-damaging free radicals and keep our skin soft and healthy. Powerful tyrosinase inhibitors Alpha Arbutin, Tranexamic Acid and Glutathione decrease inflammation and even out the complexion. Vitamin C stimulates collagen production for smoother, firmer skin.

  • Award Winning
  • Cruelty Free
  • 100% Natural

For best results, apply generously to dry skin after washing with bea Skin Care’s Master Antioxidant Bar. Apply once or twice daily. Massage with light circular movements towards the heart to encourage lymphatic drainage, paying special attention to exposed areas. Follow by protecting delicate facial skin with the Master Antioxidant Cream.

BIANCA’S SKINCARE TIP: Your body lotion will struggle to soak through a layer of dead, dry skin; so don’t forget to exfoliate once a week in the shower. Rinse with warm, not hot water which can strip natural oils from your skin. Then apply your body lotion within three minutes to replace lost moisture.


Vitamin C

Powerful anti-ager Vitamin C is the perfect choice for brightening uneven skin. This powerful antioxidant fights free radicals and reverses oxidative damage to skin cells, which causes premature ageing. Over time it boosts collagen levels, improving skin elasticity for firmer and plumper skin.

Alpha Arbutin

Synthetic Arbutin is a tyrosinase inhibitor which brightens uneven skin: it reduces the appearance of dark spots due to sun exposure or pregnancy and leaves the skin glowing.


Tripeptide Glutathione forms the base ingredient of our Master Antioxidant range and is made from three amino acids that have both anti-ageing and brightening properties. This potent antioxidant neutralises both the environmental damage and inflammation that lead to premature ageing. It’s also a tyrosinase inhibitor that interrupts the synthesis of melanin in the skin, fading dark patches and brightening uneven skin.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

This versatile antioxidant is part of our body’s natural antioxidant system and is both water and oil-soluble. It also has well proven anti-ageing benefits: it smooths rough texture, reduces sun damage and helps soothe irritation. Perfect for sensitive skin.

Tranexamic Acid

A synthetic derivative of the amino acid Lysine, this highly effective tyrosinase inhibitor fades discolouration that can lead to melasma and brightens uneven skin.

Vitamin A

This powerful antioxidant is the best researched and proven anti-ageing ingredient used in skincare because it tackles all signs of ageing. It stimulates fibroblasts, which increase collagen and cell turnover. This restores skin texture, smooths fine lines and firms crepey skin.

Vitamin E

This soothing vitamin is one of the most well researched antioxidants used in skincare and protects our skin from pollution and premature ageing. Vitamin E occurs naturally in our skin but levels decline over time.

Citric Acid

Alpha and beta hydroxy acid and antioxidant derived from citrus fruits. Citric Acid gently exfoliates dead skin cells and unblocks the pores, leaving skin soft and smooth. Over time it can lighten pigmentation, increase skin thickness and synthesise glycosaminoglycans (which keep our skin hydrated from the inside). Perfect for those who can’t tolerate Glycolic or Lactic Acid.

Hyaluronic Acid

This powerful humectant draws moisture to the top layer of skin cells from either deep down in the skin or from the environment. Skin cells hold on to this extra moisture like a sponge, plumping up fine, dehydrated lines. Skin feels soft, supple and hydrated.

Note: Full list of ingredients is subject to change.

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