We all know that acne can affect more than just your skin, it’s a confidence zapper too, and it was this insight that drove Bianca Estelle to formulate her own skincare line to treat acne prone skin. “When I was younger, my skin was constantly breaking out and I became obsessed with finding the right products to treat it. I began noting which ingredients worked and which ones to avoid and over the years as my career as a skin specialist developed, I learnt more and more about managing this common skin complaint,” she says.

The resulting specialist acne treatment Acne Care Range is designed to work with other products from the 5 Step Daily Regime, allowing you to customise your treatment according to your own particular skin needs. Our Acne Care Kits contain medical grade ingredients which are carefully formulated along with ingredients such as apple stem cells and green tea, in order to minimize irritation and over-drying that can occur with some products, which allows for much more effective results.

But don’t just take our word for it!

The results speak for themselves as shown in this recent client testimonial following use of our Acne Care Plus Kit after just five weeks. Using a combination of our Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser, Glyco Serum 15% (AM) and Acne Treatment Gel (PM) together with the Firming Serum to prevent the skin drying and an AHA Rejuvenating Wand twice a week, the skin shows dramatic improvement in clarity, has fewer spots and is less oily.


For the past couple of years I have struggled with my acne prone skin and have tried almost everything in an attempt to get rid of it. Recently, I was given the Acne Care Plus Kit from bea Skin Care to try and am so pleased with the results. My skin has really cleared up and is healthier. The products are really easy to use and although they work brilliantly, are gentle on my skin and don’t over-dry it. Bad skin makes me feel depressed and as a result of my improved skin I feel far more confident, I feel like myself again.

Bella, London, aged 20

Acne Care Kit
Acne Care Plus Kit
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