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Acne Care Kit


Whether you suffer or suffered from acne in your teens, or it's suddenly popped up in your adult years, one thing for sure is that it affects more than just your skin. It's a confidence zapper too. As a hormonal acne sufferer herself, Bianca Estelle set about formulating a potent, powerful, yet gentle and effective skin care range to treat acne-prone skin.

Our Acne Care Kits contain a blend of medical-grade, natural ingredients including salicylic and glycolic acid to tackle acne head on, along with apple stem cells and green tea, in order to minimise irritation and over-drying that can often occur with some products, allowing for more effective results.

But don’t just take our word for it!


Check out this testimonial from our client Bella. She suffered with acne from her teens into her early twenties and used our Acne Care Kit exclusively, seeing these dramatic results after just five weeks. Her skin clarity and radiance has improved and most importantly her breakouts are less frequent and visible.

"For the past couple of years I have struggled with my acne prone skin and have tried almost everything in an attempt to get rid of it. Recently, I was given the bea Skin Care Acne Care range to try and am so pleased with the results. My skin has really cleared up and it looks clearer and healthier. The products are really easy to use and although they work brilliantly are gentle on my skin and don’t over-dry it. Bad skin makes me feel depressed and as a result of my improved skin I feel far more confident, I feel like myself again."

Bella, London, aged 20

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