Triple A Eye Cream - 15ml


Suited For

Sensitive/ Hyperpigmented Skin

Benefits Of Using

Ideal for sensitive skin with hyperpigmented spots and patches. Protects the skin against damage from toxins and free radicals and improves complexion. Promotes skin’s natural defences against ageing.

What to Expect

A silky-smooth cream contained in a luxury, frosted glass jar.
Texture: Cream
Consistency: Lightweight
Scent: Natural
Note: Due to formulation improvements, the colour, texture, scent and appearance may vary.  

Use within 12 months once opened, or keep it unopened for up to two years.


bea Skin Care’s Triple A Eye Cream provides a nutrient-rich content of glutathione, tranexamic acid, and alpha arbutin, along with other skin-friendly ingredients such as vitamin C and vitamin E to promote a radiant glow.

With the under eyes being one of the areas most prone to sun damage, our carefully concocted cream protects the skin against damage caused by UV radiation from the sun, free radicals, harmful chemicals, and toxins. | Formulated to improve the skin’s natural antioxidant activities within its deeper layers, and to slow down the effects of ageing. Suitable for reducing wrinkles and fine lines and other skin insecurities.

  • Award Winning
  • Cruelty Free
  • 100% Natural

After cleansing, gently apply a rice grain-sized amount around the upper and undereye area. Take particular care not to drag the skin whilst doing so. For best results, use twice daily.

GOOD TO KNOW: Use within 12 months once opened, or keep it unopened for up to two years.




An antioxidant that works by interrupting the synthesis of melanin in the skin, reducing dark patches and lightening the complexion. It also neutralises and eliminates free radicals; thus it protects the skin against oxidative damage at the cellular level.

Tranexamic Acid

A synthetic derivative of the amino acid lysine, tranexamic acid is described by the skincare wizzes at SkinCeuticals as "a powerful ingredient recognized for its ability to brighten skin complexion and improve the appearance of discoloration.

Vitamin C

Acts as an antioxidant and is the primary choice for lessening the effects of extrinsic skin ageing, lightening dark areas of discolouration that have arisen from UV damage. In its topical form, it fights free radicals and reverses oxidative damage to skin cells. It also boosts collagen levels, improving skin elasticity, and generates firmer and plumper skin.

Note: Full list of ingredients is subject to change.

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