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Luminescence Range

Achieve a resplendent, healthy glow with the Luminescence range. With refined combinations of Alpha Arbutin, Vitamin C, and Kojic Acid, as well as a variety of skin brightening peptides and antioxidants, the range's specially formulated ingredients gently increase your skin’s vibrancy and leave your complexion looking more even and radiant.

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Lumi Glow Patches - 30 Patches

A transdermal patch for glowing skin

Brightening Cream - 30 ml Face Cream bea Skin Care

Brightening Cream - 30 ml

An all-in-one moisturiser for facial pigmentation


Kojic Acid Radiance Bar - 100 g

Promotes a more uniform skin tone


Brightening Body Lotion - 100 ml

A natural skin brightening body lotion

[STOCK CLEARANCE] Brightening Rejuvenating Wands - Pack of 10 Facial Peel bea Skin Care

[STOCK CLEARANCE] Brightening Rejuvenating Wands - Pack of 10

Tri-acid peeling sticks for facial pigmentation


Brightening Cleanser - 50 ml

A facial cleanser infused with skin brighteners


Brightening Serum - 30 ml

Revitalises uneven and pigmented facial skin


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