Charcoal Cotton Pads

Eco-friendly Cleansing Rounds


Suited For

Travel Friendly

Benefits Of Using

Makes it easier to apply cleansers and moisturisers
- Can be used to remove accumulated dirt and bacteria
- Allows for an even application and removes residual product

What to Expect

16 reusable cotton pads & 2 zip bags. 
Texture: 100% Cotton
Consistency: NA
Scent: NA


The Charcoal Cotton Pads are eco-friendly and reusable. Made of pure cotton, they are suitable for all skin types and can be incorporated into any type of skin care regime.

These soft and finely woven Pads are designed to gently remove impurities from the face and neck. They can be used to apply cleansers, moisturisers and exfoliators, as well as to remove makeup.

Their 100% cotton composition facilitates the efficient removal of oily secretions and dead skin cells. They can be handwashed and reused at any time with your preferred bea Skin Care products to restore the skin’s natural glow, leaving it fresher and more beautiful.

Travel-friendly and easy to carry around, each sealable container contains 16 Charcoal Cotton Pads.

  • Award Winning
  • Cruelty Free
  • 100% Natural

Replace disposable wipes with our soft Charcoal Cotton Pads, which remove excess oil and bacteria from the skin's surface.

After use, handwash the pad with warm water and natural soap. Allow to dry naturally.

GOOD TO KNOW: Use within 12 months once opened, or keep it unopened for up to two years.

100% Cotton

Note: Full list of ingredients is subject to change.

Customer Reviews

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Great for oily skin!

Better for my wallet and the environment. Love that these are dark so I don't risk the shame of someone else seeing what's on my skin lol

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